Ever wonder what happens to orchid plants at Trader Joe’s when they lose their blooms or otherwise can not be sold? How about those wilted moth orchids (phalaenopsis) orchids at Costco? FCOS is happy to report the fine people at Trader Joe’s in Templeton, CA and Costco in San Luis Obispo have agreed to donate distressed orchids to FCOS to give them a “Second Chance”. Cal Coast Orchids in Los Ossos has also generously donated blooming phalaenopsis plants to support this program.

Our members give these orchids care and attention for up to a year to get them back into prime condition. When bloom spikes appear they are donated to a range of local retirement homes, hospitals and related care facilities to brighten the lives of residents and patients. It gives the orchids a “Second Chance” to grow and re-bloom, gives our members experience in growing and re-flowering orchids and brings a smile to everyone involved.