American Orchid Society

A great source of cultural information, webinars on a range of orchid growing topics. Membership strongly recommended.

Orchid Digest

Subscribe to receive the quarterly magazine filled with beautifully photographed orchids and a range of articles on orchid growing topics.

Odontoglossum Alliance

Visit this website to view their comprehensive newsletters with the latest developments on this fascinating and colorful group of orchids.

First Rays

Very useful information on a range of orchid growing topics. Sign up for the First Rays newsletter and stay informed. Excellent references on fertilize levels, proper watering and pest management.

Sunset Valley Orchids, Vista, CA

Sign up for Fred Clarke’s newsletter to receive updates on orchid care, new plant and flask offerings. The website offers an array of cultural information and hybridizing goals.

SLO Orchids, Arroyo Grande, CA

Sign up for monthly website specials. Visit their website to see and purchase an amazing array of unusual orchid species and hybrids, many which can live comfortably in a frost free outside location on the Central California Coast. New owner Don Elkins is also an expert carniverous plant grower and collector.

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate

The premier orchid nursery on the Central California Coast. Specializing in orchids for outdoor growing in frost free areas. Visit their website for information on their quarterly open house events. When you visit SBOE it is worthwhile to track down Wayne for specific orchid suggestions for your growing conditions.

CalOrchid, Santa Barbara

Located down the street from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate James and Lauris Roses have an extensive collection of cymbidiums, laelia anceps and their own line of “Pacific” series epidendrums (reed stem orchids). Their quarterly open house events are not to be missed.

Ambriz Kingdom of Plants

For an off the beaten track visit to an orchid grower, you will not be disappointed when you visit this location in Carpenteria, CA. Joe Ambriz has a fine collection of Laelia anceps, tillandsias (air plants) and succulents. Call ahead to schedule a visit. Joe’s enthusiasm is contagious.

Located in San Jose, CA Angelic Nguyen and her husband Dave Robison are popular vendors at our FCOS spring show. Angelic is a prolific grower of cymbidiums, vandals and many other orchid types as well as being a graphic artist and and expert at social media marketing.